Here are All 17 'Capcom Heroes' Outfits Coming to Dead Rising 4

Capcom unveiled the last of the Capcom Heroes outfits set to come to Dead Rising 4. Shacknews is here to offer a full recap.


Dead Rising 4 is set to get a free update next month that introduces a new mode called Capcom Heroes. This is an alternative approach to the game's story mode, which features a number of outfits paying homage to Capcom's most classic franchises.

Capcom confirmed the last out of the outfits on Wednesday, so with all of those characters confirmed, Shacknews is here to round them all up.

These are the outfits that will be featured in Dead Rising 4's Capcom Heroes mode. All of them can be accessed by finding Capcom Heroes arcade cabinets scattered throughout the world:

  • Cammy (Street Fighter): Frank can use the Cammy outfit to attack with a variety of her special moves, including her Spiral Arrow and Cannon Spike.
  • X (Mega Man X): The X outfit brings along the reploid hero's signature X-Buster, which can be charged for additional damage.
  • Sissel (Ghost Trick): The Sissel outfit allows Frank to play dead in order to summon a variety of props that can be launched at zombie hordes.
  • Dante (Devil May Cry): The Dante outfit grants Frank the use of Dante's Ebony and Ivory revolvers. He can also use Dante's sword to pull off vintage DMC-style combos.
  • Classic Frank West (Dead Rising): Bring out the vintage Frank look!
  • Adam "The Clown" MacIntyre (Dead Rising): This Clown outfit gives Frank dual-wielding chainsaws, as well as an array of clown weaponry, like bouncing balls.
  • Zombie Frank (Dead Rising 4's Frank Rising expansion): Fight fire with fire by bringing Frank's zombie form to life, allowing him to chew through zombie crowds.
  • Mecha Zangief (Street Fighter Alpha): This mechanized version of the Soviet strongman means Frank is significantly armored up, which allows him to tear through the undead with his lariat and spinning piledriver.
  • M. Bison (Street Fighter): The M. Bison outfit gives Frank access to all of the dictator's Psycho powers. He can ward off zombies with Psycho fields or use his array of specials, like his Psycho Crusher and his Scissor Kick.
  • Ryu (Street Fighter V): Specifically designed after the "Hot Ryu" look from Street Fighter V, Frank can utilize all of Ryu's classic moves, like his Hadouken and his Shoryuken.
  • Akuma (Street Fighter): This outfit brings out the demon in Frank, allowing him to unleash the usual shoto fighter moves, but also use Akuma's Raging Demon finisher.
  • Jill Valentine (Resident Evil): This outfit gives Frank all the arsenal a STARS agent needs, including tactical pistols and a quad-rocket launcher.
  • Arthur (Ghosts 'n Goblins): This outfit gives Frank the classic Ghosts 'n Goblins weaponry, like Arthur's axe and lance. He'll also move just like old-school Arthur.
  • Morrigan (Darkstalkers): The Morrigan outfit gives Frank access to Morrigan's move set from Darkstalkers, right down to her Finishing Shower super.
  • Bass (Mega Man): Dress up as Mega Man's other rival to gain access to his arm cannon, boosters, metal blades, and a powerful thunder punch ground pound finisher that can clear out waves of zombies at a time.
  • Viewtiful Joe (Viewtiful Joe): This big-headed superhero outfit gives Frank all of Joe's moves from his beat-em-up adventure, including his ability to slow his enemies down.
  • Amaterasu (Okami): We've saved Frank's most bizarre outfit for last. Put on the furry Amaterasu suit to gain access to her flame attacks, as well as her Celestial Brush that can brush off any attacks from the undead.

Dead Rising 4's Capcom Heroes mode is set to come to the game as a free update on December 5. Xbox One and Steam owners will get it at no extra charge, while PlayStation 4 owners will get their chance to pick the game up for the first time as part of Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package.

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