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Best Deals From PS Plus Day After-Halloween Sale

Black Friday is coming, but the deals are already flowing for PlayStation Plus users with Double Discounts for a ton of games.


Sweets always go on sale after Halloween and things are getting Double Discount delicious for PlayStation Plus users. With 2x the discounts, Plus subscribers have quite a few games to snatch up and we've put together a list of some standout deals.

The deal that stands out from the bunch the most is Horizon Zero Dawn for $28. The Frozen Wilds DLC is right around the corner, so this is a good opportunity to grab the game if you haven't already. If you let your PlayStation Plus membership expire, there's a deal at Gamestop you can also take advantage of right now. A one-year membership is on sale for $39.99, $20 down from the regular price.

The full lineup can be found here, but check out our top picks below:


  • Horizon Zero Dawn - $38.99 ($27.99 for Plus)
  • Final Fantasy XV - $37.49 ($24.99 for Plus)
  • Darkest Dungeon - $17.49 ($9.99 for Plus)
  • 88 Heroes - $8.99 ($2.99 for Plus)
  • Mafia III - $29.99 ($19.99 for Plus)
  • The Flame In The Flood: Complete Edition - $11.24 ($7.49 for Plus)
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 - $16.99 (13.99 for Plus)


  • Life Is Strange: Complete Season - $12.99 ($5.99 for Plus)
  • The King of Fighters XIII - $17.99 ($5.99 for Plus)
  • Space Hulk - $13.99 ($7.99 for Plus)


  • MYST - $7.79 ($3.59 for Plus)

PS Vita

  • Don't Starve: Giant Edition - $9.74 ($4.49 for Plus)
  • Amnesia: Memories - $17.99 ($5.99 for Plus)

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