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Get the jump on those pesky sixth graders by choosing the best class for your overall play style.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole has plenty of inside references and surprises in store for fans of the infamous television series. Even better, the latest South Park game presents a pleasingly-deep battle system replete with several different classes that the player can choose from. While only three different classes are available at the start of the game, several more unlock throughout the adventure, and players who want to make the most out of the game's revamped RPG-style battle system will want to choose the most appropriate class for their preferred style of play.

As is sometimes the case, the different pros and cons for each player class aren't explicity laid out within the game; however, we've got the skinny on everything players need to know in order to suit up and lay the smack down.

Starting Classes In South Park: The Fractured But Whole

While there are certainly some player classes in South Park: The Fractured But Whole that are more appealing than others, it would be a little misleading to say that some classes are objectively better or worse than others. The utility of a given class heavily relies on the player's own instincts and understanding of class abilities. Fortunately, there's always the option to choose new classes down the line, especially as new classes unlock in later stages of the game, and we will continue to update this guide with more information on those additional classes through time. For the classes available from the start, however, we've outlined the strengths and play styles that players will want to focus on.

It's also worth mentioning that players can round out their crew by selecting the appropriate allies: Craig is a Brutalist, Jimmy is a Speedster, and Kyle is a sort of Blaster, and players can keep their team balanced by choosing allies that fill the void their chosen class leaves behind.

Brutalist Class - Short Range, High Power

The Brutalist class can be likened to what most players would expect from a typical Tank: high damage output with especially low range. The Brutalist is capable of doing some serious DPS, but the drawback in effective range means players will want to do their best to stay agile on the battlefield in order to dodge incoming damage from both melee and ranged attackers.

Speedster Class - Low Range, Fast Attacks

The Speedster is somewhat close in attack power and effective range when compared to the Brutalist, meaning players who feel comfortable in one class should feel comfortable in the other. But while the Speedster can't do as much damage per hit as the Brutalist, it does have a special talent: the Speedster can attack twice in one turn by sacrificing their next turn. This creates plenty of opportunities to slow down or entirely eliminate enemies who are low on health, making the Speedster an ideal choice for players who like to think ahead.

Blaster Class - High Range, Potent DPS

The Blaster class is what players might compare to a standard Archer — it deals its damage from distances across the battlefield, preferring to stay out of the melee range of enemies. The Blaster has abilities that allow for both direct attacks and damage over time, and can help mitigate threats on the battlefield by slowing down or finishing off weaker enemies. However, players choosing the Blaster class should be particularly mindful of their positions, as they have a habit of blocking other allies.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Second And Third Classes

After running an errand for Cartman in the Freeman's Tacos quest, the player will be eventually summoned to the Coon Lair and given the choice to choose a new secondary class. Doing so will grant the option to use three new abilities and a new ultimate attack, and players will have the option to keep or replace their favorite abilities with new secondary class abilities. After the side quest The Talk 2, Cartman will once again summon players to the Coon Lair, which will eventually unlock both the Assassin and Gadgeteer classes. By the later stages of the game, the Plantmancer and Martial Artist classes will unlock, providing players access to The Fractured But Whole's most powerful abilities.

Elementalist Class - Low Damage, Status Effects

The Elementalist class is perfect for those players who would prefer to use brains over brawn. While the Elementalist deals relatively low damage compared to other classes, it makes up for the lack of punch with a host of various status effects and high range. The Elementalist can cast spells like Ice Prison to freeze enemies in their places or use Hydro Helper to heal allies and buff their attack power.

Cyborg Class - Mid Range, Versatile Abilities

The Cyborg class is kind of a mid-range bruiser: it deals moderate damage with moderate reach, and has special abilities that can buff the player, draw in nearby enemies, or even knock back foes with powerful hits. Though a little less focused than other classes in the game, the Cyborg can help maintain strategies by repositioning or stunning enemies.

Psychic Class - High Range, Support Buffs

The Psychic class is one of the more important classes later in the game, largely due to the ability to confuse enemies as well as provide potent buffs on allies. Almost all of the Psychic's attacks are ranged, and special abilities like providing Protection or Healing means the Psychic can easily swing the course of battle in the player's favor.

Assassin Class - Mid Range, Moderate Damage

The Assassin class in The Fractured But Whole is a bog-standard take on the traditional Rogue class, providing players the chance to sneak behind enemy lines and deal crucial damage. The Assassin in particular has the chance to apply the Bleeding effect, which deals additional damage over time, and the option to use Invisibility means the player will be immune from attacks between turns.

Gadgeteer Class - Mid Range, Battle Management

The Gadgeteer class is fairly unique amongst other available choices in the game: instead of simply dealing high damage or providing status buffs, the Gadgeteer can effectively manage the battlefield using turrets as well as the ability to draw aggro with an exploding dummy. Used carefully, the Gadgeteer can deal some of the highest damage in the game, and can help draw enemies into allies' attacks.

Plantmancer Class - High Range, Resurrection

Unlocked in the later stages of the game, the Plantmancer class provides some of the most powerful abilities available, most notably including the ability to resurrect fallen allies. The Plantmancer also has a selection of abilities that provide numerous buffs, like the Putrifying Petals ability, which heals all allies in a square, removes all status effects, and increases Attack power all in one fell swoop.

Martial Artist - Mid Range, High Damage

The Martial Artist is the final and arguably the most powerful class available in The Fractured But Whole. In a nutshell, the Martial Artist combines the best of the Brutalist class with the game's highest base attack damage and a selection of abilities that can slow and knock back enemies. Coupled together with a Cyborg, Speedster, or Assassin, players should have no trouble taking down some of the game's toughest enemies.

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