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Horror Adventure Game Death Mark Coming To PS4 And Switch

Developer Experience's horror-themed PlayStation Vita title will be landing on the PlayStation 4 early next year.


It's been a pretty abysmal year for PlayStation Vita releases, and while Sony's handheld hasn't had to go entirely without new games, there certainly doesn't seem to be enough interest in the platform to keep developers focused on the system. Fortunately for mobile and portable fans, many games that have come to the PlayStation Vita have eventually made their way over to the Nintendo Switch, and the same is now true for Death Mark, the horror adventure title originally known as Shinn from Japanese developer Experience.

Though Death Mark doesn't seem like it will be ready in time for this year's Halloween, the game will certainly pique the interest of horror fans, as it presents a grim and unnerving story set around fictional Tokyo metropolitan H City, where characters who possess the namesake Mark are fated to die. A group of individuals each bearing the mark are invited to a creepy old mansion wherein a talking doll, because why not, informs the player that they have the chance of removing the mark and avoiding their inevitable death.

As is usually the case with portable-to-console ports, the new versions of Death Mark will come complete with higher-resolution graphics, one or more additional episodes, and an all-new "Event Gallery." Though it's currently unknown as to whether or not the game will earn an English-language release, PlayStation 4 owners in Japan will be able to check out the game in January 2018, and North American Switch players savvy enough to open their own Japan-based Nintendo Account will be able to check out the game when it releases for Nintendo's hybrid console later next Spring.

Players who take interest in all things horror can learn more about Death Mark by checking out its trailer, featured below.

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