Niantic Adjusts Pokemon Go EX Raids After Player Feedback

Adjustments are coming to Pokemon Go's invite-only Raid Battles thanks to user-submitted feedback.


One of the more talked-about features (read: controversial) in Pokemon Go is the game's new EX Raid Battle mechanic: these are essentially identical to the Raid Battles players have grown to love, except this time around they're invite-only. Given that some players don't have the time or resources to make it into normal Raid Battles, it's easy to see why making all-new battles where players must have an invite could ruffle a few feathers.

Fortunately, Pokemon Go developer Niantic has been testing the waters with regard to EX Raid Battles for some time, and the studio is ready to make adjustments based on its findings. According to Niantic's support-based Twitter account, the company is soon to improve the EX Raid Battle invite system based on the feedback received during trial runs.

From what we've seen so far, invites for EX Raid Battles were almost entirely random, meaning there was no rhyme or reason to if or when a player would be invited so long as they'd previously completed a raid at the location where an EX Raid Battle was to be staged. Unfortunately, Niantic decided to make EX Raid Battles the only current means with which players could capture Mewtwo, perhaps the most sought-after creature in the game's current lineup. This lead to many players missing the opportunity to capture Mewtwo, which understandably would have caused a fair amount of negative feedback.

For now, we can't be sure just what Niantic plans to adjust with regard to Pokemon Go's EX Raid Battle system, but seeing as how the mechanic is based upon the notion that players will be individually invited to be raids, we can only assume that new adjustments will mean more invites for a larger group of players. Unless, of course, players were unhappy that the raids weren't exclusive enough; naturally, we're hoping that isn't the case.

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