NBA AR Brings Digital Hoops To Your Analog Life

Hit the court anywhere you like with the latest iOS ARKit experience.


Among the many bold new features to be found in Apple's latest iOS 11 devices is the ARKit, a suite of functionality that pertains specifically to the company's new focus on augmented reality software. So far, the bulk of mobile users' various AR experiences range from short-and-sweet AR demonstrations like sky mapping software to the chance to see what their homes might look like with various pieces of furniture and artwork. However, there's now a new AR experience on the market, and it's hoping to take iOS users straight to court.

It's called NBA AR, and as just about anyone might assume, it's an application that allows users to simulate the experience of a basketball court in just about any environment they can image. Through the technical wizardry that is the ARKit, NBA AR allows players to set up a digital court and hoop and do their best to sink shots from various distances by simulating the motion of shooting a basketball while holding their iOS devices.

More than just a way to set up basketball courts in absurd environments, NBA AR is a true-to-form AR game: players are generally tasked with sinking as many shots as they can within a given timeframe, be they free throws or three-pointers, and players can upload their scores to leaderboards in order to lord their skills over their friends. There's even an audio track that provides applause from a simulated crowd, which should help drive home that feeling of being in a crowded stadium, even if players are stranded in a barren desert. Various courts and NBA team logos are available as well, so there should be no problem for players intent on representing their home teams.

While this isn't the most mind-blowing use of ARKit we've seen yet, it does show that there's plenty of simple and fun functionality to be had with the technology. Users interested in AR apps or those who wish to live out their fantasies of playing professional basketball can pick up NBA AR entirely for free via the Apple App Store.

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