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Guns Royale Aims To Bring PUBG-Style Gameplay To iOS Devices

Wizard Games Inc. is offering battle royale fans the chance to get their chicken dinner to-go.


In recent months, the internet has exploded with praise for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the ARMA mod turned standalone PC gaming sensation. Millions of players and countless streamers have put forth their time and their hard-earned dollars to enjoy the title, and with consideration to the game's highly-public success, it should come as no surprise that it's begun to spawn knockoff titles. With that said, while other developers have emulated the style on PC, Wizard Games Inc. is aiming to bring that PUBG-inspired blend of herbs and spices to players' mobile devices.

Gameplay in Guns Royale should be immediately familiar to players of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: matches start out with a number of players being dropped into a sizeable environment, and from there, each combatant is tasked with surviving by leveling up, collecting various equipment and weaponry, and completely eliminating any opposition. The only substantial change to the formula is Guns Royale's blocky, pixellated style. Check out in the trailer below.

For those mobile players who might not keep up with PC gaming, let it be known that the battle royale genre is immensely popular -- in fact, PUBG has been chipping away at League of Legends' reputation as the go-to competitive multiplayer experience for some time, and has even become the most popular competitive title over in Korean internet cafes, places well-known for harboring some of the most hardcore gaming enthusiasts on the planet. PUBG also managed to top Steam's peak user record back in September, with 1.34 million players enjoying the game simultaneously, and quickly started marching toward the goal of having 2 million concurrent users.

Clearly, the PUBG-inspired battle royale style is a huge hit in the modern gaming market, and while we can be certain that other games will follow suit, Guns Royale may become known as the first game to bring the experience to mobile devices. Players can check it out entirely for free on compatible iOS and Android devices.

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