LawBreakers' New Ranked Tiers Hope To Level Up Player Base

Maybe CliffyB's gravity-defying shooter will be able to get off the ground with its upcoming massive update.


Cliff Bleszinski's latest original IP is a gravity-defying competitive shooter inspired by classics. In today's climate, you'd think his pedigree mixed with the growing multiplayer shooter landscape would equal success but LawBreakers had to be brought back to down to earth. With a humbled team and blueprint for growing the community, Boss Key is dropping their largest content update yet and it'll be available this week right in time for TwitchCon.

The LawBreakers update, which will be available tomorrow October 19, has a plethora of content but will be introducing one very important piece of the puzzle for the game's future success: Ranked mode. Called Boss Leagues, the ranked mode will feature solo and duo queuing with six tiers (the top is Boss, of course) and requires ten placement matches. 

This is important for a couple reasons. First, the esport aspect of a shooter lends to its longevity. LawBreakers has struggled to sustain a large community thus far but, there's a chance a dedicated player-base will form around the ranked play. The 2nd key is the timing. Another way to build a player-base is via streaming and this update will drop the day before TwitchCon, a massive gathering for content creators and streamers. During TwitchCon 2017, Boss Key will be hosting a live show match on the Esports Stage from 3:30 p.m. PT to 4:30 on Friday, October 20. 

The All-Star Update will include new maps, balance updates, improved tutorials, hundreds of new items, and more, all detailed in the trailer below. 

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