The Cartridge Family 009--Night Trap 25th Anniversary, Destiny 2 Just Fell Apart, Death Clock Featur

It’s Friday the 13th and something spooky this way comes, folks. Death looms high above the family as they appreciate Sega CD’s Night Trap, determine how many years Scottie Pippen’s got left in the tank, and of course enjoy Buffa’s story time as he tucks us into bed with the reading of a classic game box.


Buckle up for The Cartridge Family’s weirdest outing yet. On today’s show we acknowledge the rule of 3s as it pertains to Scottie Pippen’s participation in a ’90s FMV game before we try and pinpoint the exact moment SE (Space Era) began along the course of human history. The family is clearly breathing those Friday the 13th fumes because today is just no ordinary day. It’s a wild ride, but a fun one and we do hope you’ll join us for it.
Also on today’s show are some gaming headlines from the week, a quick explanation of why Stardew Valley is so fun, a controversial take on Star Fox’s first flight and Edge Magazine’s recent review of Super Mario Odyssey. Find The Cartridge Family on iTunes (, Google Play (, Stitcher ( or wherever you listen to podcasts!

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- Joe Stasio 
- Chris Buffa 
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