Nintendo's Stock at a Ten-Year High. We Totally Told You So

Nintendo investors haven't seen numbers like this since March 2008.


Nintendo has had a rocky go of it for quite a while but has expanded successfully into mobile, capitalized on nostalgia with classic mini-consoles, and overcome any supply and software concerns for the Switch on the way to Nintendo shares being traded at a reported ten-year high. 

There's a lot to love lately regarding Nintendo and, as reported by, the potential launch of the Nintendo Switch in the Chinese market may also contribute to the highest value Nintendo's shares have traded since March 2008. On Friday, the shares were up 2.66% to cap off a total gain of 77% in 2017 thus far.

Since the Nintendo Wii, it's been one intense roller coaster ride for Nintendo fans and investors. The company banked on a gimmick riddled console with the Wii U and brought it to retailers with an incredibly poor and confusing marketing strategy. Software support was hot and cold on the device as well and the hype heading into the Nintendo Switch was understandably tempered. 

The Nintendo Switch was launching at a strange point, seemingly as an effort to brighten up the company's fiscal year. It was launching with a suspect lineup of games too, largely hinging on the potential of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Then there were questions about the console itself. Is it a handheld you can hook up to your TV? Or a home console you can take on the go? 

Despite all of these concerns, the Nintendo Switch is the company's fastest selling console, is regularly outpacing PS4 and Xbox One, and is on track to have the best software performance the company has ever seen. If you're one of the lucky people benefitting from this increase in value: Bravo! If not, well...we totally gave you a heads up back in December.

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