NES Classic Mini Will Return In 2018

While we wrote that the arrival of the SNES Mini was a sensible reason to discontinue the NES Mini, many fans of the classic console still clamored to have it in their possession. For the most part, those fans would have to dance to the overpriced tune being played by resellers but Nintendo has announced that they're going to have the NES Mini back in stock sometime in 2018.

Yesterday we reported that Nintendo of American President Reggie Fils-Aime shared words of caution for those seeking to purchase the SNES Classic, hoping to deter the efforts of resellers that were doubling and sometimes tripling the price of the $79.99 retro console. The announcement that the NES Mini is returning is coupled with the reveal that the SNES Classic will be shipped well into 2018, fully supporting Fils-Aime's claim that there will be more than enough Minis in stock.

Now that the NES Mini is also returning to production, it looks like Nintendo is truly making a concerted effort to make their highly desired hardware available for those that aren't capable of camping out on a computer for release announcements. If they pull off the next wave of NES Mini's without any problems, that'll be one pretty awesome achievement.

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