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Microsoft Buys AltspaceVR, Just Months After the VR Hangout Nearly Shuttered

It seems like Microsoft was one of the big companies AltspaceVR started conversations with when the social app was nearly shut down.


After nearly suffering an untimely death, AltspaceVR announced that their social VR experience would live on due to some conversations with individuals or entities that saw the potential of the platform. No details were given then, but Microsoft may have been one of the players that were a part of that conversation as they've announced that they've acquired AltspaceVR.

Engadget reported the news of the acquisition and Microsoft's Mixed Reality head Alex Kipman says, "With the AltspaceVR team onboard we look forward to building the world's preeminent mixed reality community." This is a pretty solid grab with Microsoft's MR headsets right around the corner. Social engagement is a solid way to build a large community and Microsoft could give their new headsets a major boost by including some sort of AltspaceVR promo alongside the Halo experience that the new hardware will launch with.

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