Windows Mixed Reality Launches in Two Weeks with Halo Experience, SteamVR Support

Microsoft came to IFA (a.k.a. Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) in Berlin, Germany with some ambitious plans for its virtual reality initiative going forward. First announced in August, the Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets now have an official release date of October 17. In addition to SteamVR support, Microsoft's headset will also release alongside a special Halo VR experience.

According to The Verge, Halo Recruit will offer a virtual look into the Halo universe, rendering familiar environments and various characters for the first time. The idea comes across as a tech demo, showing the potential of what a full-blown Halo could look like in virtual reality.

The Windows Mixed Reality headsets are expected to start at $299, with the lowest-priced models coming from Acer. HP models will go for $450 and the Dell Visor will be sold for $349. Asus is selling its model for approximately $534, but according to The Verge, it won't be ready until Spring 2018.

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