Twitch SUBtember - Shacknews Staff and Chatty Recommendations

It's SUBtember at Twitch, meaning Twitch viewers can subscribe to some new channels for half-off. The Shacknews staff and Chatty community offer up some recommendations for those looking for a new streaming channel to check out.


For the month of September, Twitch has launched a special promotion to give its streamers a boost. First time subscribers to a Twitch channel will receive a 50 percent discount for that subscription.

The incentive is to give Twitch viewers something new to discover and potentially add to their streaming rotation. With the Twitch space filled with personalities and potentially undiscovered games, the Shacknews staff (and some of its Chatty posters) are offering up some SUBtember recommendations.

Asif Khan - Shacknews CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Sinfully Riddling is one of my favorite up and coming Twitch streamers. She streams a variety of games and has developed her own very tight-knit community. She is also really funny. Various times in her streams, she has had confetti fall from the ceiling, popped champagne with confetti shooting out of the bottle, and has lately been very into a kazoo she picked up at PAX West.

TehMorag is another great streamer who has worked with Shacknews on Show Important. He will be streaming on our channel next week. He plays a variety of games and definitely has a shared love of Nintendo. He has been really fun to collaborate with and handles himself very professionally. Definitely consider giving him a sub this SUBtember.

Bill Lavoy - Managing Editor

My favorite streamer to watch these days is Anthony Kongphan. I've been a casual viewer for several years, dating back to his incredible sniper skills on DayZ. The guy was known for hitting shots that just shouldn't be hit. Lately, however, he's taken his skills to PUBG, a game that I'm definitely not as big on as most people seem to be.

That's how I know that I'm a big fan of Anthony; he has me watching PUBG on an almost nightly basis. And not watching on my phone, tablet or sitting at my computer while I'm working. No, he has me watching on the big screen in the living room while I chat with friends who don't care at all about PUBG, telling them to watch this crazy fool jump at the school with a bunch of random teammates. More often than he should, he emerges alive and well, then goes on to claim his chicken dinner. The guy is equal parts entertaining and skilled. It's a very rare combination these days.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Anthony, though, is that he's easy to cheer for. The guy is all about charity and helping others, and has completed marathon charity streams that will have you concerned for his health. Taking a quick look at his Twitch channel, he has raised $110,221.62 for charity since 2013, and his longest single-session charity stream was 63 hours long. That's two days and 15 hours of live streaming. The guy's a beast in all ways.

David Craddock - Features Editor

I've played over 1500 hours of FromSoftware's "SoulsBorne" series, and Lobos Jr. has been responsible for at least half that number. Whereas other members of the community concentrate on the lore of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Lobos Jr. plumbs the depths of their systems. Level-1 playthroughs, ladle-only runs, Olympic Torch runners, fists-only pugilists--he's done it all, and his adventures span hundreds of hours.

Beyond the creativity of his SoulsBorne character builds, Lobos is welcoming and engaging. He interacts with users, soliciting suggestions and doling out tips for those like me who take an interest in one character or another and decide to roll up our sleeves and give it a go. Now that I think about it, I've spent nearly as many hours watching Lobos play these immersive, deep games as I've spent playing them. I regret nothing.

Ozzie Mejia - Senior Editor

It's not much of a secret that I'm into esports, but I do like to take a break from them sometimes. That's why when I need a different kind of Twitch fix, I turn to CarlSagan42. I first discovered him during Awesome Games Done Quick a couple of years ago, enjoying his Yoshi's Island runs. However, his stream has become a must watch for me because of his Super Mario Maker playthroughs.

Super Mario Maker is only as good as its community and Carl is great at pulling some of the game's best community-created stages. This includes puzzle stages, Kaizo (supremely difficult) stages, and gimmick levels. Add in his quirky personality and it's a fun way to kill a couple of hours, while also giving me some new reasons to boot up Super Mario Maker.

Charles Singletary - News Editor

Simply Undrea is simply the dopest. The voice actor and variety streamer has and continues to build a community that reflects her kind and genuinely enthusiastic personality.

I've also had the pleasure of meeting her in person and her energy is just as welcoming as you'd think. If you're looking for a streaming home, look no further and hit that subscribe button.

Some members of the Shacknews Chatty community also weighed in with a few recommendations of their own.

"Puhdado - Extremely entertaining while keeping it natural and easy going. Great community. Doesn't take the whole thing too seriously."

"Dr. Disrespect is by far the most entertaining person on Twitch."

"For the game Heroes of the Storm, I watch a lot of Grubby and MFPallyTime. [Grubby] is a very positive player that brings a good atmosphere to his stream. He only plays solo Hero League because he feels that's the experience most of his viewers have when they play. He will occasionally educate while he plays so overall it's a great way to learn about the game and improve your own play. And while at a lower skill level, MFPT has a lot of fun on stream and discusses his builds in depth while he plays. It's a very newbie-friendly stream."

"Dansgaming is the only one I'm currently subbed to but instead I'm going to say The_Happy_Hob. He's primarily a Dark Souls streamer, focusing on no-hit runs. He has a brash persona and I think some people find him aggressive and get put off, but his channel is actually really inclusive and after spending a bit of time there you get to see that he's a good guy. Just with the hardened shell of someone who has been wounded by twitch chat too many times, fought O&S too many times.

"He has no-hit the trilogy individually and is now trying to no-hit all three games in sequence. If he gets hit he restarts or moves on to the next game. He's also moving on to speedrunning Ocarina of Time but that's an early run in progress.

I've watched him play Dark Souls games for hundreds (?) of hours, seen the same run segments what feels like thousands of times yet I still find the channel entertaining."

"SxyHxy is my bro. I started watching him way back when he was a tiny fella with just a couple hundred viewers. He's a fun and entertaining personality, always interacts with his stream (provided gameplay allows), and will play with his subs. He generally mains one game but mixes it up with others here and there. He was most recently maining Dead by Daylight, but with Destiny 2 has been working on that since the PS4 release. He also lives in West Palm Beach Florida and Irma is probably going to hit him head on. Fun Fact, he moves to Texas in 2 weeks. Jebaited LUL"

Any other picks for this SUBtember month? Join the conversation and give us your favorite Twitch streamer in the comments.

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