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Pittsburgh Steelers' Antonio Brown Promises Destiny 2 End Zone Celebration for Sunday

It's time for some football and Antonio Brown is ready to pay tribute to Destiny 2.


File this one strictly under the lighter side of video game news. The 2017 NFL season is starting tonight, but the Pittsburgh Steelers won't take the field until this Sunday. So with a few more days to kill, Steelers WR Antonio Brown is working on his game. And by "game," I mean "touchdown celebrations." That leads to one of Activision's more unorthodox marketing methods for Destiny 2.

Yes, Antonio Brown plans to whip out a Destiny 2-themed "Dancehall" end zone dance, following his first touchdown. Check out the video in the tweet above. Of course, don't immediately assume that Brown is going to score this Sunday, since touchdowns aren't a guaranteed thing in the National Football-- wait, the Steelers are opening the season against the Cleveland Browns? Never mind. Tune in this Sunday for a Destiny 2 end zone dance.

Senior Editor