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Capcom Expands Street Fighter V Roster with Menat

The lineup of fighters you can control in Street Fighter V grew by one today, with the arrival of Menat and her lethal moves.


Capcom has revealed another fighter for Street Fighter V, and players who unlock her can use the lithe world warrior to bring the pain to her opponents. Just made available today, August 29, Menat possesses graceful but lethal moves and a preoccupation with complex concepts such as the stars and their alignment.

You’re fated to suffer a loss or two as you face off against Menat in combat. She has acrobatic movements and good range with her kicks, plus she fires a short-range orb of blue energy (or sometimes even a group of them) that looks like it could make a mess of someone’s face. Watch the video embedded below to witness as she effortlessly demolishes an overconfident Ryu, and on his home turf to boot.

Capcom has continued to bring new fighters to the fray (but still no Arcade mode) since Street Fighter V first arrived in February of 2016. Late last month, Final Fight’s Abigail joined the roster, and Ed was revealed in May. Numerous others preceded them.

The easiest way to experience the new fighters is to pay for season passes (the game is currently working on its second of those), but you can also use in-game actions to rack up currency called Fight Money that allows you to unlock them without paying real-world money. You just have to be patient and play a lot of matches.

Are there any fighters not yet announced that you would like to see make an appearance in Street Fighter V? And have you purchased a season pass or two, or are you trying to unlock interesting new characters the old-fashioned way?

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