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Sonic Mania PC Release Date

Sega’s blue speedball is arriving soon on PC.


When Sega’s new Sonic game was first revealed at Comic-Con 2016, you couldn’t hear much noise from whatever was left of the Sonic diehards due to indifference. Years of lackluster releases in the franchise left Sega’s flagship character a shell of its former 16-bit glory. In one of 2017’s biggest surprises, Sonic Mania has arrived and has restored the luster to the blue speed demon. You can check out the Shacknews Sonic Mania review here.

Sonic Mania PC Release Date

Sadly, for Sonic fans on PC, the resurgence of the hedgehog will have to wait a bit longer. Sega announced this week that Sonic Mania’s PC release will be delayed by two weeks. PC players can get in on the fun August 29 when the game releases for Windows.

For players who already picked up the console versions of Sonic Mania or don’t mind reading deeper into how to progress through the game can check out the Shacknews Sonic Mania Guides:

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