The Cartridge Family: Episode 001 - Nintendo Switch at the Gynecologist

Check out the debut episode from our friends at The Cartridge Family podcast. Finally, a new podcast to sink your ears into.


Calm down, buddy. We all know what you’re thinking. You’re desperate for a podcast that speaks to you—no, speaks to your soul. A podcast that feels like your mind is being opened like a cracked coconut, a podcast that infiltrates your very life-force. We get it because we’re all looking for that, too.

As it happens, today’s your lucky day. The Cartridge Family has arrived on your podcast app’s doorstep and is ready to carry you away to another world—a world so ripe with good feelings and the latest information on gaming, that it’s literally bursting out from the very seams of your smartphone, device, or workstation. That’s right, thus dawns a new era of podcast-listening, the era of The Cartridge Family.

We hope you’ll enjoy episode one of our new show, as we discuss the Crackdown 3 Delay, the mass’s affection for Sonic Mania, and of course the upcoming release of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. We’ll tease John about his upcoming trip to Cologne, Germany for GamesCom before taking a slightly cynical look at the upcoming Xbox One X launch. Things will wrap up with a hot take on NBA Live 18, and the curious case of the missing Virtual Console.

On this week's episode: Vincent Genova, Chris Buffa, John Benyamine, and Joe Stasio.

Thanks for listening and be sure to tune in next week for Episode 002.

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