Modojo Rewind: Old-School Action And Big-Name Lawsuits

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This has been an interesting week in the mobile and portable gaming kingdom. Sonic Mania has released for the Nintendo Switch for the delightfully-low price of $20, meaning handheld players can catch up on some fresh-yet-old-school platforming action, and Pokemon Go has been featured in stories explaining some previously-unrevealed mechanics. Not everything has gone well for everyone, however, as both Nintendo and Disney are being sued for alleged wrongdoing. As always, we've got the highlights featured below in this week's Modojo Rewind.

Rings, Portals, Emeralds, And More

We wouldn't be doing very good work if we'd passed on the opportunity to highlight Sonic Mania, the latest and perhaps one of the greatest Sonic titles ever to release. The game has been made with the help of some of the series' biggest fans, and it shows: Sonic Mania plays like a love letter to the Sonic titles of yesteryear. Small wonder it's become so popular so quickly.

Naturally, this means some fan-favorite mechanics and bonuses have returned. In particular, fans can seek out all of the game's secret stages in order to collect Chaos Emeralds, which can be used to unlock the ultra-powerful Super Sonic. Players can also open up portals to the game's bonus stages in order to unlock goodies like the Mean Bean mode, which presents a nearly-complete emulated version of the classic puzzler Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. Lastly, we've also put together a guide for players who wish to open up debug mode and stage select in Sonic Mania.

We've also got a few new guides for all the mobile fans eagerly awaiting Apple's upcoming fall release of iOS 11. Though no specific date has been set, we've got information on when users can upgrade to iOS 11 as well as highlights on the features they can expect from the operating system, and we've also put together an extensive list of the games that won't be compatible with iOS 11 due to a lack of 64-bit updates.

Better Call Saul

The stench of legal conflict hangs around the air this week as two major companies and game publishers are being sued for two different reasons. Disney is being taken to court over allegedly spying on children through a huge number of Disney-based games and selling that information to third-party ad agencies. Such behavior is said to be in violation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, and the plaintiff is seeking an injunction against the company.

Nintendo is also embroiled in a legal suit, though this time the company is on the receiving end of the case. Games accessory manufacturer Gamevice is suing Nintendo for allegedly violating the patent for their Wikipad console's signature detachable Bluetooth-enabled controllers. The company filed a patent for their design in 2013, and seeks for an undisclosed amount in damages as well as a total cease of Nintendo Switch production. This is a big story, so we'll be sure to keep everyone updated as new information comes to light.

We never want to close these stories out on a bad note, so we've got some fresh new content out there for all the Pokemon Go players still getting their training and capturing fix. Shiny Pikachus have begun spawning in the wild, and in a pleasant turn of events, capturing them isn't as complicated as might be expected. Pokemon Go-based subreddit-turned-website The Silph Road has also dropped some new information regarding previously-undisclosed reward multipliers, giving us the opportunity to write a guide about how Pokemon Go raid battle reward multipliers work. Lastly, we've also got all the information players need in order to take part in Niantic's newly-revealed invite-only raid battles.

These are but a taste of the stories we've been cooking up this week. As always, stay on top of the mobile and portable gaming realm by keeping your browser tuned to Modojo.

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