EVE: Valkyrie Warzone Expansion Drops Need for VR Headset

In addition to plenty of new content, players can play the game in standard mode or with your VR setup when the game releases on September 26.


Eve Valkyrie was pretty big VR news for Oculus Rift when it launched early last year. Since then, it has been joined by PlayStation VR and HTC Vive, added five major updates and introduced cross-platform play between PC and PS4. Unfortunately, though, fans without VR were left out of the cold vastness of space. Developer CCP is changing that with its upcoming expansion Warzone on September 26.

The new update now makes it possible for PS4 and PC players to experience the game without the VR goggles, giving them a fairly fleshed out space sim. As with every expansion, there are plenty of additions, but there also are some substantial changes being made to the game play and overall experience as well.

As for what's new in the free expansion, players will get:

  • A next-generation fleet of ships, each with unique weapons and Ultra abilities
  • A modular progression system, giving you more control over how you evolve your ships
  • Two new maps: ‘Fleet’, a Sisters of EVE space station, and ‘Outpost’, a mysterious Drifter base
  • New game mode: ‘Extraction’, which mixes combat and navigational challenges, forcing pilots to use the environment to their advantage
  • A new reward system based on Reward Capsules for unlocking personalization options

As for some of the more prominent changes:

  • Gold is being replaced by Gold Reward Capsules. Once the expansion launches, gold in player accounts will be converted, with 200 gold converted to 1 capsule, rounded up.
  • Launch tubes are being replaced with an open hangar so players can try different ships.
  • XP is now based on ship, not class.
  • Salvage is no longer used to craft upgrade mods. Instead, players use salvage to fuel new Ultra abilities for ships.

Now that the game does not require VR, CCP is dropping the price of the EVE: Valkyrie game and all the updates, including Warzone, to $29.99 on PC and PS4 when the expansion launches.

If you want a solid space sim, now you have another one to try.

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