Modojo Rewind: Latent Gaming Hits And Preparations For iOS 11

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Modojo has gone back to basics this week, keeping one eye on the feeds and the other on the streets in an effort to stay on top of all the latest in mobile-oriented news. iOS 11 in particular is looming just beyond the horizon, meaning developers are gearing up for added feature support and new opportunities to reach wider audiences. Of course, Nintendo wasn't one to disappoint either this week, as the company has announced new demos and upcoming games that are sure to satisfy. Buckle up, knights and nobles, it's time for the Modojo Rewind.

Unlocking The Potential Of iOS 11

A number of Apple fans are gearing up for iOS 11, the latest version of the tech giant's mobile operating system that's set to make its formal debut later this year. Among many of the operating system's latest features is a new native screen recording application that allows users to take video footage of any app they use on their mobile device. For it, we've put together a new guide on how to use the iOS 11 screen recording app. The process is fairly straightforward, and, even better, current iOS users can download and install the iOS 11 public beta in order to check out the screen recorder as well as other new features.

In addition to an incoming renovation, iOS is also about to gain access to a number of new and interesting games. Developer Red Hook Studios has announced that their 2D dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon is coming to iPad with touch-enhanced controls, and Square Enix has recently announced a forthcoming 64-bit update for the iOS version of their hit turn-based RPG Final Fantasy Tactics.

Speaking of Square Enix, there's a new mobile RPG on the market from some of the team that worked on Legend of Mana, a classic and stylish action-RPG developed by Squaresoft for the original PlayStation. It's called Egglia: Legend of the Redcap, and not only does it share some of the same creative minds as Legend of Mana, it also includes a very similar art style and world-building mechanic. Interested players can pick it up on iOS or Android for just ten bucks.

Plot Points And Nintendo Freebies

Splatoon 2 has been out for weeks now, and even though the game has managed to put together a considerable following, not everyone has yet to pick up the title, let alone work through its single-player campaign. As such, many players of the original Splatoon have been left wondering just what Callie has been up to — luckily, we've put together a new story-based guide explaining what happened to Callie in Splatoon 2. We've also put together some information regarding a recent data mine into the Splatoon 2 update data that revealed new weapons, new maps, and what looks like a new character class.

There are a couple of new items for Nintendo Switch and 3DS owners who happen to like free stuff. Nintendo has introduced an all-new guide-like channel for Breath of the Wild players that is capable of giving out free items for reading Breath of the Wild news. It's called Tips of the Wild, and players can earn in-game content simply by launching the game from Nintendo's guides. For 3DS players, Nintendo has released a series of special QR codes that allow Miitopia players to go questing with famous Nintendo executives. Adding them to the game is easy as can be, and doing so allows players to take down baddies alongside a sword-wielding Miyamoto.

Lastly, the Nintendo Switch is set to get a bit of new interesting content. Ahead of its release later in September, Capcom has released a new demo for Monster Hunter XX. Though exclusive to Japan, players can check out the demo by accessing the Japanese eShop on their Nintendo Switch — and this method may also be useful for players who want to buy the game, as it seems Capcom is uninterested in localizing it for Western audiences. Fortunately, Switch players who like their gaming 2D and a good bit more challenging will soon be able to enjoy Super Meat Boy on the go, as Team Meat has revealed that a Switch edition of their iconic platformer will be arriving shortly.

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