World of Warcraft Guild Turns To Tinder To Find Perfect Member Matches

Finding good guildies is hard, but when you meet that perfect healer, it is all worth it.


Much like dating, finding the right match for your guild is a hit or miss proposition. They can look good on paper, but when you meet them and see them in action, they don't always come as advertised. But that hasn't stopped a World of Warcraft group from turning to Tinder to bolster their ranks for those perfect pairings.

Guild master Arianord has been looking to add new members to his Aerie Peak server-based guild Aphelion. Standard spamming of trade chat hasn't worked so Arianord decided to take a different approach. 

“Times are tough for guilds these days and sometimes you gotta get creative,” Arianord (Adam in real life) told PC Gamer. “I was joking about buying out this billboard they have on the expressway for $200 for a month, but my girlfriend convinced me that maybe spending that much on a billboard advertising a WoW guild wasn’t the most efficient advertising.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so Arianord decided Tinder was the next best thing to find lonely, single adventurers. He posted the following ad:

“Are you a powerful wandering hero who frequently meddles in the world-ending plans of powerful demons? Do you enjoy long walks on the Broken Shore, peaceful nights in Suramar, and spending your weekend knee-deep in the corpses of your vanquished enemies? Then Aphelion might be right for you!” 

He was a bit picky in potential applicants. Only healers and ranged DPS. Oh, and no one under 5'8", although it wasn't clear if that was in person or a general statement on gnomes, dwarves and goblins. The good news is that dozens of people decided to swipe right and take a chance. He was ready to hook up almost everyone, but his girlfriend, who was helping him recruit, was a bit more discerning.

"I would be about to swipe right, and she’d be like, ‘Don’t swipe right on that person. He looks like an asshole, he’s shirtless—we don’t need someone like that,’” Arianord said. “If you’re just looking for bodies, you’ll never find a shortage. But the key is finding ones who are worthwhile. There’s a lot of guilds out there and a lot of them are hurting.” 

It's not clear how successful the recruiting drive has been for the eight-year-old guild, but Arianord is upbeat.  “We’re a bunch of fun people and we have a really relaxed atmosphere, we’re really positive,” he said. “People who tend to like us the most are the ones who got to spend a few raids with us and say, shit, these guys are actually really fun to play with. That Tinder ad was just our atmosphere crystallized into something more immediately digestible.”

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