Sundered Leaps onto PC and PS4

Sundered is an absolutely beautiful metroidvania designed to test your limits.


The currently available crop of independent games who draw inspiration from 25+ year old classics Metroid and Castlevania are in no short supply. Known as metroidvanias, these titles seem to appear on digital storefronts regularly these days. It can take a special hook or approach to stand out from the pack. Sundered, released this week from Thunder Lotus, developers of Jotun, leaps out from the glut of indie releases with some of the most amazing visuals to ever grace the genre.

Announced in the fall of last year, Sundered promised to deliver challenging action, hand-drawn visuals, and multiple endings. Upon its release, it would appear the Thunder Lotus has over-delivered to the point of absurdity. The overall look and animations in Sundered are breathtaking.

Gamers looking to hop into the Lovecraftian side-scroller can pick the game up from Steam, GoG, or the Humble Store can get a 10% discount right now. Sundered is also available from Origin or uPlay. PS4 owners can snag it on the PSN Store.

Check out the release trailer below.

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