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Metroid: Samus Returns Hard Mode, Fusion Suit Locked Behind An Amiibo

Nintendo unveils what the different amiibos for the 3DS game will offer.


Not everyone is into the little amiibo figures that Nintendo makes you buy for special content in its 3DS games. However, it appears that if you want to try hard mode in Metroid: Samus Returns, you'll need to suck it up and purchase one of the little buggers.

Nintendo has revealed four amiibos that will work with the upcoming reimagined Metroid 2 for 3DS. Three of them offer special powerups or cosmetic upgrades, but the fourth actually locks a Fusion mode difficulty behind it. These are the new amiibos and their benefits:

  • Metroid amiibo: Unlocks Metroid Marker, a tool to help you find nearby Metroids. In addition, it will also unlock Fusion Mode, a new mode that offers increased difficulty and features Samus in her Fusion suit. Note that Fusion Mode will only be available after finishing the game at least once.
  • Samus Aran amiibo: will unlock an Aeion reserve tank allowing you to recharge your Aeion energy. In addition, it will unlock a unique Metroid II Art Gallery once the game has been completed at least once.
  • Samus and Zero Suit Samus amiibosThese two are from the Smash Bros. series. Samus will unlock a reserve missile tank, and after completing the game, an additional in-game art gallery. Zero Suit Samus will unlock a reserve energy tank, and after completing the game, a selection of music.

Nintendo confirmed to Eurogamer that all of this content is available only if you have the amiibos, and fans aren't too happy that they will need to shell out $13 for the hard mode. Cosmetic items, music, art and powerups are one thing, but locking a specific mode behind one of Nintendo's little toys seems a bit much.

Either way, the amiibos and the Metroid: Samus Returns will launch on September 15. 

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