Moltres And Zapdos Are Next Up In Pokemon Go For A Limited Time

Hopefully, the hunt for the legendary birds will erase the memories of Pokémon Go Fest.


Despite the chaos of Niantic's Pokémon Go Fest, the hunt for legendary Pokémon charges forward. In a blog post about the network outages and overall disappointment that was Go Fest, Niantic dropped some news on legendary Pokémon that we’re sure they hope will help soothe the pain of Go fans: Moltres and Zapdos are coming very soon.

Articuno was released on July 22nd during the event with trainers having a full week to capture it and the other two legendary bird will be given the same treatment in following weeks. July 31st is your last day to capture Articuno and we have a guide to help you out. After that, Moltres arrives and will be attainable until August 7th, followed by Zapdos’s appearance until August 14th.


If you’re not familiar with the mess that was Pokemon Go Fest, the event was marred by network issues that kept players from playing the game at all. Frustrations were extremely, especially considering many of the attendees had flown in for the festivities, and Niantic says in the blog post that they’ll be “incorporating all of our learnings into the Pokemon GO events planned for later this summer in Yokohama, Japan and across Europe”. Go was an astronomical success at launch despite issues then and since, but Niantic likely can’t suffer too many more setbacks like G Fest if they want their audience to grow.

Lugia, who’s available now, will remain a part of legendary Raid Battles and we also have a guide to its capture as well.

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