Niantic Issues Refunds to Pokemon Go Fest Attendees After Server Issues

Niantic has been celebrating the one year anniversary of their smash hit mobile app Pokemon Go for all of July. The celebration was meant to culminate with a massive gathering of Pokemasters at Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago today. After several hours of network connectivity issues at the event, the 20.000 fans turned restless. There are reports that several attendees threw garbage of the stage as Niantic Labs' CEO John Hanke tried to settle everyone down.

Things didn't improve and the crowd continued to get more and more restless as the large screen that was meant to display worldwide progress of the Pokemon Go Fest goals just sat there reminding them that they couldn't even play the game that they traveled all the way to Chicago to play.

Niantic Labs' CMO Mike Quigley took the stage to explain that the Pokemon Go development team was working on a fix to the issues, but it appeared that it was too little too late. Shortly after being booed off of stage, Niantic announced that all attendees would be issued refunds. This is yet another black eye for the popular mobile game that has had quite a history of being a bug-riddled mess. 

Pokemasters in attendance will be given refunds as well as $100 worth of Pokecoins for their troubles. This is a decent amount of damage control, but it is hard to escape this level of public embarrassment. Did you attend Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago today? Let us know in the comments section.

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