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Enhanced Character Customization on the PUBG Horizon

Developer Bluehole wants to let players add that personal touch.


PC gaming’s 100 million dollar juggernaut simply won’t stop. Participating in the mayhem of PUBG is already one of the best experiences of the year, but imagine how much better it would be with a cut-off t-shirt and a neon tramp stamp. Character customization is on the way as Battlegrounds Executive Producer Chang Han Kim revealed that players will ”be able to design your character to a tee” in an interview with PVPLive.

The dev team over at Bluehole wants player to have the option of creating custom emblems that can be stamped on your avatar’s clothing. Custom tattoos are also in the pipeline and will finally give me a chance to be coated in tribal markings while I hide in one of the map’s many f*** boy shacks.

Other cosmetic options will include the ability to make minor adjustments to clothing, like tucking in shirts. There are a number of cosmetic items and things like backpack skins that have already been datamined from the game’s files and will likely see inclusion in the future. In the meantime, I’ll be pre-planning some sort of obscene logo to plaster onto my PUGB muscle shirt.

Check out this dev blog posted by Bluehole last winter that gives a sneak peak at some upcoming customization -

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