Final Fantasy Creator 'Announces' His Favorite Game in the Franchise

Hironobu Sakaguchi picks the obvious game, with some incentive.


With more than 15 incarnations of Final Fantasy out there since the series launched back in 1987 in Japan, debate has raged about the best game in the series. Franchise creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has finally put the debate to rest with his selection.

"I like 9, of course," Sakaguchi-san said in a brief video posted on Twitter by voice actor SungWon Cho

Of course, that is before the money changes hands, so whether the declaration is indeed his choice or a purely made-for-video moment is up for debate.

Final Fantasy IX came out for the original PlayStation in 2000, starring thief Zidane Tribal as the primary protagonist. Players could take the role of eight different characters, including Zidane. Not only was Sakaguchi the producer on the game, he was the writer as well. The game was later rereleased in 2010 as a PS One Classic on the PlayStation Store.

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