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Frigg's day has made its return, meaning the Modojo crew is once again able to provide a medieval-laced recap of this week's foray into the mobile gaming arena. This week saw our release of a number of new guides covering everything from Switch hardware updates to old-school Sega favorites, as well as a smattering of Pokemon Go headlines thrown in for good measure. That stein of spiced mead can wait — it's time for the Modojo Rewind.

Sega Returns With Sega Forever

One of the niftiest headlines to hit the mobile scene this week was news of Sega's new Sega Forever collection of games. Five Genesis games have already been released under the Forever banner, and like the rest of the games planned for the collection, they are all free to play on mobile devices. Even better, players can use a Bluetooth controller like the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con to play Sega Forever games. For a complete look at all things Sega Forever, including details on how to download the games and their optional unlock prices, hit up our Sega Forever guide.

We've also got another guide for Nintendo Switch fans that provides all the information players need to know in order to update the Nintendo Switch to the latest version. This is must-know information, and thankfully, Nintendo has made the process fairly painless.

Naturally, we had to make sure gamers trying to get the most out of the latest Angry Birds could find all the best tips, so we've got several new guides for Angry Birds Evolution, including writeups on how to farm bird eggs, how to get more gold coins, and how to unlock Shiny Birds.

Pokemon Go Bugs and the Mark of Shame

Pokemon Go just loves the spotlight. This week, Niantic's AR-based hit made a number of headlines, with the biggest being the game's initial rollout the much-touted gym overhaul update. Things haven't all rolled over smoothly, however, as a number of players have reported a new bug that states their gym is under attack even when it isn't. Fortunately, we've got all the best tips on how to fix the Pokemon Go gym attack error message bug.

When the latest update finally makes its widespread release, players can expect a number of new features, including Gym Badges and Raid Battles. The update will also begin to enforce the new mark of shame system Niantic has put in place to humiliate and weaken players who have acquired their Pokemon through ill-gotten means. Check out our guide for a full look at what's new in the latest Pokemon Go gym update.

Lastly, since we're all still beefing up our Pokemon, we've got a set of handy new guides for all the keen Magikarp Jump trainers out there, including details on how to trigger the Be Gone event and raise the Magikarp's max level as well as tips on how to get more Diamonds with the Diamond Miner and how to get a new Magikarp, even if it spells doom for the current champion.

Those are just a taste of this week's highlights; as always, keep your browser tuned to Modojo for the latest stories and guides in the mobile and handheld arena.

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