Everything Microsoft Announced at E3 2017

Microsoft's presentation had cars, adorable foxes, pirates, and more.


Microsoft's E3 presentation had everything: a new console, a gaggle of new announcements, an indie highlight real, and an actual Porsche. It was a wild media showcase. Here are all the highlights from the conference in case you missed them.

Microsoft Debuts the Xbox One X

The conference was first and foremost a coming out party for the company's next big piece of hardware, the Xbox One X. The powerhouse machine touts itself as the most powerful console ever, and a very direct answer to the suspicion that the company is getting out of the hardware business. (It isn't.)

Forza Motorsport 7 is Awfully Pretty on Xbox One X

And to show off all that hardware power, Microsoft rolled out the heavy hitters. Turn 10 Studios has a way of squeezing every last drop of power out of Xbox hardware, so Forza Motorsport 7 made a very nice showcase game for it. We also had Dan Greenawalt by our booth to talk all about it.

Metro Exodus Takes the Series Open World

In a primo spot for third-party promotion, Metro Exodus showed the FPS franchise escaping the underground and exploring an open world, quite literally. That and some creative ways to take down monstrous beasts made this one to remember.

The Darwin Project Announced (With Shoutcasting)

New game The Darwin Project looked like a competitive survival game, but mostly we remember this debut for its somewhat awkward shoutcasting presentation. It seems they're priming this to become an esport, which tends to have mixed results.

Battlegrounds Coming to Xbox

Meanwhile the other competitive survival game, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (or PUBG as the cool kids call it) is making its journey to console with an Xbox One version. Soon you'll be able to throw down and cower in fear on your console.

Arr! Sea of Thieves Be Pushed Back Me Hearties!

Sea of Thieves made a splash at last year's E3, and this time Rare's next game got even more screen time with an extended bit of footage detailing a treasure hunt. It was pushed back to early 2018, but this time the presentation made a much better case for exploring the salty seas with your friends.

Super Lucky's Tale is Adorbs

One surprise from the show came in the form of a sequel to the VR hit Lucky's Tale. Now Super Lucky's Tale takes it out of the VR exclusive realm and onto Xbox One with a fresh new adventure. It's also ridiculously cute and colorful, and a nice reminder that the 3D platformer genre is only dormant because we allow it to be. More like this please!

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Breaks Hearts

Ori and the Blind Forest was a personal favorite in 2015, and now Moon Studios is back with a follow-up, Ori and the Wil of the Wisps. It went by without a release date, but the Metroidvania-meets-Meatboy action with a bittersweet story wrapped around it is definitely one we're looking forward to.

Tacoma Finally Has a Release Date

Tacoma, the long-awaited follow-up to Gone Home, has finally pegged down a release date. We also sat down with Steve Gaynor, half of the creative leadership behind the game, to talk about its narrative hooks and the partnership with ID@Xbox.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Showcases Orcs with Personality

We also got an extended look at Shadow of War. This one looks to pack all of the former's gameplay hooks along with some new keep conquests, but the view from the Xbox presentation was more about orcs. Orcs so cray! They showed off some colorful personalities and accents.

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