E3 2017: Microsoft Says 'We're Not Getting Out of the Console Business'

Microsoft senior director of product management for Xbox Albert Penello stopped by the Shacknews booth at E3 to talk about the development of the Xbox One X console. During the interview, Penello reiterated Microsoft’s determination to do more than just participate in the console business.

“It is the idea that you care about your software,” Penello explained. “We want you to play the games you want to play; we don’t want the device to get in the way. We’re going to work with PC developer and we’re going to continue to push hard on PC, and we’re not getting out of the console business. We’re pushing the envelope of technology on console, and Xbox Live is the thing that brings all these things together.”

Microsoft’s stance reinforces the growing notion that the era of consoles existing purely as a box you have to connect to your TV in order to use is behind us. Xbox is a brand and a service. Whether you play on an Xbox One, a Slim model, this holiday’s cutting-edge Xbox One X, or you prefer to buy Xbox games through the Windows 10 Store to play on your gaming PC, Microsoft gives you more ways to play games than its competitors. Games, not hardware, are the bedrock of the industry.

For more from Penello, check out our full interview from day one of E3 2017.

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