E3 2017: Everything Ubisoft Announced at the Show

From Assassin's Creed Origins to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle to even some new IPs, Ubisoft had something for everyone.


Ubisoft held its E3 press conference on the second day of pre-E3 events, with some expected showing and also some surprises. From old standbys to new IPs, Ubisoft had one of the best showings of any publisher at this year's show. Here's are the games they revealed.

Assassin's Creed Origins is taking us to Egypt

This actually got debuted a bit earlier at Microsoft's press conference, but it still doesn't take away from a rather impressive looking game, this time set in Egypt. The main character is Bayek, a "sheriff" of sorts, in charge of defending the brotherhood. The world was on full display during the 4K presentation, again looks to be huge. The game will add some new RPG-like elements to play, along with the ability to have a hawk do some spotting for you. The game will be coming on October 27.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle looks to be wacky fun

That rumored crossover between Nintendo and Ubisoft actually turned out to be true, and despite early reservations, it looked cool and played really well. The Rabbids are dropped into Mario's world causing some instability, and it is up to Mario and his new friends to fix the problem. While you get Mario flavor an atmosphere, you get a tactical XCOM gameplay feel that just makes the game even more intriguing. It will debut on August 29.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is still coming

The Coon & Friends are still bringing their superhero magic to computer screens this year, despite at least two announced delays. Players will still get to be the new kid in the group and fart their way through a game this is expected to be as irreverent as the show and the first game. I mean, with a heroine like Call Girl, how can you not want to be playing this game when it comes out (hopefully) on October 17?

South Park Phone Destroyer plays cowboys and Indians on mobile 

As if one South Park game wasn't enough, Cartman and friends are coming to mobile in a game that lets the new kid and his crazy friends play against each other in PvP battles of cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, and more. The strategy title is scheduled for release sometime later this year. Just some advice: If Cartman calls, don't answer.

Transference is a new VR IP that delves into insanity

This new VR title stars Elijah "Frodo" Wood in a psychological thriller where players must solve puzzles to get at the "troubled truth" surrounding the game's psychiatric patients. The goal of the new experience is to basically freak you out. "We want you to take off the gear and still feel unsettled." Well, players will get the chance to try the new title sometime this coming spring to see if the developers accomplished their goal.

Skull and Bones is a massive new IP about pirates

In one of the surprises of the Ubisoft press conference, Skull and Bones was revealed as a massive open world game set on the high seas during the Golden Age of piracy. While borrowing a bit from the stellar inspirations of Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Skull and Bones takes players online with a crew of their choosing, a group that they could just as easily betray as reward handsomely. While Ubisoft offered no time frame for release, the early 5v5 gameplay and the concept of battling Krakens seems like a premise that will intrigue many if executed properly.

The Crew 2 will pick up where the original left off

The Crew 2 was an expected announcement after it official forum was launched a few days prior to the show, but that still didn't diminish the reveal that speed, power and performance are still the name of the game in the racing sequel. Ubisoft is already taking signups for a planned beta, even though there is not release date announced yet, other than early 2018. The official trailer showed off some incredible landscapes and scenery for players as they hit the road. 

Far Cry 5 brings a radical militia to American soil

We got an early glimpse of Far Cry 5 at a pre-E3 event, but the new trailer revealed at the press conference offered a bit more on the radical militia elements that players will need to defeat right here on American soil. The earlier event gave us some background on the story, while the E3 reveal just focused on how to make things go boom. Players can look forward to jumping into the game and saving the fictitious Hope County, Montana, bad guys on February 27 of next year.

Just Dance 2018 is coming in a surprise to no one

Every year, we get a new Just Dance game, Ubisoft didn't disappoint with another stage presentation of dancing and music. The new title, coming on October 24, will feature tracks from Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Ariana Grande and Hatsune Miku, among others. The game will be coming to all major consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

Starlink: Battle for Atlantis is a new IP with modular starships

In a rather unique unveiling for Ubisoft, we get a new space sim IP that includes modular colectible spaceships in the vein of Lego amiibos, where changes you make to the ship are instantly translated to the game. The Atlantis system has been beset by ancient robots, and players use their starships to fight off the invaders. If one design isn't working, create a new one on the fly and take out the enemy. The ambitious title is still a ways off, plotted for a Fall 2018 release on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Steep getting a Road to the Olympics expansion

If you are into extreme sports, Ubisoft's snowy game Steep from last year is getting an expansion where players can train for the Olympics. The game will offer new modes such as Halfpipe and Super G to go with new locales of South Korea and Japan. The expansion has a very wintery release date of December 5.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 really does exist

In perhaps the surprise of the show, Ubisoft took the wraps off the often teased and long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil sequel. The trailer showed no actual gameplay, but offered some fantastic visuals and characters that had tongues wagging in anticipation. Game Director Michel Ancel said the game will be a "seamless online experience" where players start off as a lowly pirate and can advance to a captain that is known across the expanse of System 3. While no release was even hinted at, Ancel made it sound like much of the design work was still flexible, as they are encouraging fans to sign up for the game's Space Monkey program to offer feedback and share their ideas for the game.

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