This Massive $500K 262-Inch TV is Just a Terrible Idea

Let me go roll my pennies and check in the couch for pocket change.


Here's the scene in a corporate office someplace in Vienna, Austria:

CEO: "We need something big to draw attention to ourselves"

R&D: "We could build a big TV. How about 100-inch?"

CEO: "No, It will be outdoors. Bigger."

R&D: "200 inches?"

CEO: "Think bigger. We want Donald Trump's Ego big."

R&D: "500 inches!"

CEO: "No, that's just stupid. OK, less than Trump's ego."

R&D: "262 inches."

CEO: "Odd, number, but perfect. Go for it!"

R&D: "It will be expensive, more than what 80% of American families make."

CEO: "We'll market it to the 1% and their companies for half a million dollars. Perfect for outdoor parties. It will be awesome!"

And there you have the totally unreal, but slightly plausible story of how outdoor electronics company C Seed came up with the idea for their massively ridiculous C Seed 262 television designed for businesses and overcompensating individuals with money to burn. And the press release photo shows the TV inside a mansion, so you know that this is designed for only the rich and powerful who have more money than some small countries. Oh, and a large front entry way.

The set itself weighs more than 1,700 pounds, and is wider than two and a half Kevin Durants. It has 10-integrated speakers, and 9.1 surround sound, as well as a 4K media server. Yes, something the masses have cried out for,

"Honey the corporate bonus hit today. What do you want to do with this extra half million?"

"Well, we could endow a school? Feed the hungry? Help the homeless?"

"Nah, I think I'll get a new TV."

Congrats, C Seed, you have found that sweet spot between rich and stupid.

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