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E3 2017: Microsoft Finally Unveils Xbox One X for $499

The new Xbox is expected to hit shelves on November 7 in time for the holidays.


Microsoft has finally revealed the much anticipated Xbox One X, formerly Project Scorpio, for $499. The console is expected to be released on November 7, in time for the holiday rush.

The specs, which were unveiled back in April, include eight custom x86 cores, clocked at 2.3 GHz, compared to 1.75GHz for the original Xbox One. The much larger jump comes to the GPU, with 40 compute units at 1172MHz, as compared to just 12 units (853MHz) in the original. It also boasts12GB GDDR5, up from 8GB on XBO. Memory Bandwidth is 326GB/s versus 204-219GB/s on the Xbox One.

The GPU can hit 4K resolution at a smooth 60FPS, with about 88% GPU utilization. It will have liquid cooled vapor chamber cooling, and the smallest form factor of any previous Xbox.

The unit is expected to cost $499, although MS did not officially confirm the price.

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