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Photograph Shows Construction of Super Nintendo World Amusement Park

The work in progress should look familiar to fans of the original Super Mario Bros.


The first photograph of Super Nintendo World, Nintendo's upcoming theme park set within select Universal Studios locations, shows a set from the original Super Mario Bros. game in early stages of construction (via Nintendo Wire).

Fans of 1985's Super Mario Bros. should recognize trappings such as verdant plains, green pipes, and the snapping jaws of piranha plants. A brick castle is set just behind the field. As someone who has played countless hours of the original Super Mario, the setup looks like a screen straight out of World 8-3, the penultimate level before King Koopa's final castle.

Super Nintendo World will debut at Universal Studios in Japan. The park began construction in April, and should be ready to welcome fans next year. Earlier this week, fans discovered trademark filings for the "organization, management or arrangement of kart racing; [and] organization, management or arrangement of motorcycle events and other events with vehicles," suggesting a Mario Kart-themed ride.

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