Hitting the Track with Milestone's MotoGP 17 and MXGP 3

Developer Milestone has some lofty goals for its next pair of motorcycle racing simulators. Shacknews heads over to Square Enix to learn more about the game's features, upgraded engines, and esports aspirations.


Developer Milestone has been putting together realistic motocross racing games for over ten years, raising the bar with each annual release. Together with publisher Square Enix, the developer is looking to continue its bike racing legacy in the coming months with MXGP3 and MotoGP 17. Shacknews recently had a chance to check out both games, taking a look at new features and learning about the developer's plans going forward.

The first thing to note upon taking to the dirt roads of MXGP3 is that the motocross game has made the jump to Unreal Engine 4. The upgrade allows for numerous additions to the formula. Beyond upgraded physics and weather effects, the difference is noticeable in the ground over time. The game's physics reflect on the dirt hills and grooves across each track and will feel slightly different for each subsequent lap. Skid physics and the like will be affected over the course of the race.

Customization will be a key component for MXGP3, with this game debuting the 450cc four-stoke bike engine to go along with the 250cc two-stoke engine. Players can also adjust various elements of both their bikes and riders, including graphic kits, clamps, hubs, foot pegs, levers, handlebars, grips, exhaust, suspension, brake discs, and more. Sponsors will pony up cash over the course of a racer's career, which will go along with the skill tree that upgrades rider attributes.

With that in mind, MXGP3 will be the first game in the series to focus on a managerial element. Players will be able to manage their credits, sponsors, and team members. In fact, the first races of the Championship mode will focus less on winning and more on attracting sponsors.

Those looking for the MotoGP racing circuit can turn to MotoGP 17, which will be the swansong for the in-house Milestone game engine before switching over to Unreal Engine 4. Milestone hopes to help newer players get accustomed to the simulation aspect of the series with Riding Aids that allow for physics adjustments, auto lean-in, auto-braking, and other helpful options. Prior to each race, players can also check out Guided Settings to get helpful advice on certain parts of each track, depending on their particular issue, such as approaching corners.

Those looking to get more into management can also check out MotoGP 3's new Managerial Career. Users can create their custom biker and motorcycle, with windows for changes popping up every six races. The objective is to ride your team to victory, making sure all of the winning elements are in place, including a Pit Crew, Support Staff, and Front Office. Earning reputation points will allow for credit bonuses and upgrades.

MotoGP 3 has its experts and those hotshot riders will soon have something extra to aim towards. The PS4 version of the game will get an esports circuit starting in October, with the best 16 players advancing to the finals in Valencia. A BMW M240i will be on the line, but for Milestone, it will be a first step into the esports world, with the developer targeting a more extensive circuit in the years ahead.

Motorcycle racers won't have to wait much longer for either of these two games. MotoGP 17 hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on July 11, while MXGP3 comes to the same platforms on June 20.

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