Street Fighter 5 Getting the Vega Cage Stage in Next DLC

Capcom Fighters Network will also be part of the update when it rolls out on May 30.


Street Fighter 5 is going to give classic Street Fighter 2 players a sense of deja vu in its next DLC as it will bring back a remastered Flamenco Tavern stage, complete with dancers and musicians. And more importantly, Vega players will still be able to climb the cage.

The new stage will be available on May 30, and will cost $3.99, or 70,000 Fight money. Also making its return (for the same price)  with be the Thailand stage, which had been pulled shortly after launch in late April because of some "unintentional religious references."

As for the free part of the update, the Capcom Fighters Network comes out of beta and will officially launch for online players. Capcom has made a bunch of balance and matchmaking changes, and anyone logging in between May 30 and June 13 will get 50,000 in Fight Money. In addition, there will be some non-CFN balance changes coming as well:


  • Turn Punch
    • Level 1 - 6 Motion: Added throw invincibility for frames 1-18F.
    • Level 1 - 3 Motion: Changed to upper body and projectile invincibility from frames 3-18F.
    • Level 4 - 6 Motion: Changed to attack and projectile invincibility from frames 3-18F.
    • Level 7 - 10 (Final) Motion: Changed to complete invincibility from frames 1-18F


  • Passion Press: Hitbox was reduced


  • Stand Heavy Punch: Changed the total frames from 44F to 42F
  • Back Throw: Reduced the distance from the opponent after hit.

For more on what will be coming, including new Targets for Capcom Pro Tour, and new Season 2 character Young Commander Ed, check out the official blog post about the update and DLC.

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