By Daniel Perez   //   December 24, 2015 12:00 PM

Our 2015 Favorites: Daniel Perez

Before we dig into our official Shacknews 2015 Game of the Year countdown, the staff is sharing some of their own personal favorites. Today, it’s news editor Daniel Perez’s turn.

By Daniel Perez   //   November 23, 2015 9:17 AM

Just Cause 3 PC requirements leaked

Square Enix has yet to officially reveal the PC requirements for Just Cause 3, but now we know that's to its box art leak.

By Ozzie Mejia   //   June 16, 2015 12:00 PM

Just Cause 3 E3 2015 preview: Mayhem for mayhem's sake

Avalanche Studios has one primary goal in mind for Just Cause 3 and that's to offer a huge island to play with and blow up. And Shacknews did just that when we recently went hands-on with the latest game in the series.

By Daniel Perez   //   June 12, 2015 10:15 AM

E3 2015: Most Anticipated Multiplatform Games

This week, Shacknews is looking at a handful of the most anticipated games from this year's E3 across each of the major platforms. Today, we look at the most anticipated games to be released across multiple platforms.