Just Cause 4's "Take On Me" Easter egg is brilliant

A-ha's popular '80s hit "Take On Me" appearing in Just Cause 4 is a fantastic homage.


Just Cause 4 is a raucous and over-the-top game as it is. You can ride around on makeshift airships, ride tornadoes, and zip around to just about anywhere. But one eagle-eyed gamer happened to find something that elevates it even further into the realm of silliness.

Twitter user @Nitomatta took to Twitter with a fun Easter egg they found from Just Cause 4, which finds Rico Rodriguez exploring an area in-game, then taking some stairs down that seems to transport him to the land of the music video for A-ha's "Take On Me." Yes, the song plays as well, which is amazing. 

While all that really happens here is that a filter is applied to the area that makes it look like a pencil drawing just like the cult favorite music video from the Northwegian synth pop band A-ha. The song, which came out in 1984, was popular on MTV due to its romantic storytelling and pencil drawings where the hero interacts with his love interest from the pages of a comic book, hence the illustration style of the video.

It was cutting-edge tech for videos at the time, and featured live-action characters interacting with the drawings of the band. It heavily utilized rotoscoping to great effect, and if you've never seen the video (or heard the song) you've been missing out this whole time, trust me on this.

Charles Singletary, Jr. reviewed Just Cause 4 at Shacknews, and awarded it an 8. Here are his thoughts on the game:

"Just Cause 4 makes the massive gameplay leap that has become customary for the open-world action series and has laid the groundwork for the series’ future, but that hasn’t come without some growing pains. The Apex Engine opens a lot of doors for the development team and the new weather system is a clear example of this.

Beyond the occasional crashes and the visual flicker, the game ran fairly well with so many things happening on screen. I never noticed any significant slowdown, even with the game’s weaponized weather completely upending the area around me. At worst, there’s a slight framerate dip with massive rapid explosions, but nothing that impacted my gameplay experience. Overall, Just Cause 4 is a very entertaining package and its potential won’t be fully tapped for a long time."

If you're interested in picking up the game to check out the Easter egg yourself, you may want to keep that in mind, especially for the PC version.

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