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League of Legends bringing Team Builder mode into beta

By Ozzie Mejia, Mar 03, 2014 12:00pm PST

League of Legends is bringing a new Team Builder mode into beta, which allows players to set their champion, role, and position prior to entering the game, in order to help bolster teamwork.


"In retrospect, I have no idea why it has taken a MOBA game this long to implement this."

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League of Legends boasts 27 million players daily

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 28, 2014 7:30am PST

Riot's free-to-play Dote 'em up League of Legends is kind of a big deal, you've probably heard, and even bigger than we knew. The developer has released new figures revealing that 27 million players are LoLing ever day, and 67 million every month, boasting that this makes Lo...


"No I can see it. While I do think Dota 2 is mechanically superior in some ways, LoL has a ..."

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League of Legends locking character roster to help new players

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 16, 2014 8:30am PST

Even as perhaps the most straightforward of Dote 'em ups, League of Legends throws an awful lot at new players to learn quickly. Part of the problem is the free-to-play game only offers a selection of characters to everyone for free and rotates this selection regularly, so j...


League of Legends hacked, 120,000 transaction records accessed

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 20, 2013 6:30pm PDT

Riot's League of Legends is the latest to suffer at the hands of hackers, with 120,000 transaction records from 2011 accessed.


"Looks like its only North America according to that statement, so other areas should be okay? ..."

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League of Legends players recognized as pro athletes by US government

By Steve Watts, Jul 15, 2013 12:00pm PDT

Riot Games has announced that the US government now officially recognizes League of Legends players as professional athletes.


"Athletic: physically active and strong; of or pertaining to athletes; involving the use of ..."

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League of Legends championship coming to Los Angeles on October 4

By Steve Watts, Jul 11, 2013 10:05am PDT

The League of Legends season 3 World Championship will take place in the Staples Center this year, on October 4.


"The size of the LoL community is staggering. I'm not a huge fan of the game myself but ..."

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How Riot used social experiments on League of Legends players

By Steve Watts, May 16, 2013 1:30pm PDT

League of Legends studio Riot Games explains how it has been using a behavior initiative to conduct subtle experiments on its large player base.


"Yeah, I got my Teamwork/Leadership Ribbon, and was initially PISSED when I got the Helpful one ..."

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League of Legends Mac client enters open beta

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 01, 2013 2:00pm PST

League of Legends is hardly short on players, boasting 32 million active monthly and 12 million daily, but it's set to expand even more. After a spot of testing, Riot has properly released an open beta Mac client for its Dote 'em up, for the enjoyment of everyone gaming on a...


League of Legends gets Mac beta client

By Steve Watts, Jan 24, 2013 11:10am PST

League of Legends has produced a Mac beta client, currently in the Public Beta Environment and ready to go into open beta once PBE testing is done.


"Played a game with the mac client over lunch, performed pretty well, solid framerate and the ..."

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Shack PSA: League of Legends 'honor system' now live

By Steve Watts, Oct 02, 2012 1:00pm PDT

The League of Legends "Honor" system has launched, and Riot Games has detailed a few of its intricacies.


"They might use it to match you with other honorable players and non honorable players get ..."

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League of Legends announces 'Honor' system

By Steve Watts, Sep 21, 2012 10:30am PDT

League of Legends is introducing a new positive reinforcement "Honor" system to encourage players to be kind to one another.


"Ha! Someone early on warned me not to do that, as people would take it as sarcasm. Not so, in my ..."

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League of Legends player info taken in hack

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 11, 2012 6:00pm PDT

European players of League of Legends are being notified of a recent hack that has compromised personal information.


"I'd love to, but between achievements, and the desire of developers to hold users accountable ..."

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League of Legends exploit closed; bans coming

By John Keefer, May 07, 2012 7:15am PDT

Riot Games brings down the ban hammer on accounts exposed as having used an exploit uncovered in the game. The exploit is now closed, as are the accounts of numerous violators.


"you may want to proof read this sentence: The forum response was overwhelmingly positive, ..."

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League of Legends adding spectator mode

By Steve Watts, Apr 30, 2012 8:15am PDT

Riot Games outlines the "Spectator Mode" coming in the next update for League of Legends.


"That's pretty cool. Especially for someone like me who has no interest in plumbing the depths ..."

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Mass Effect designer defends day one DLC, says game developers 'are not evil'

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 09, 2012 3:00pm PST

Christina Norman, former designer and programmer of the Mass Effect franchise, discussed day-one DLC and why it is not "evil" to do it.


"Is packaging your game with a fake ending so that fans HAVE to buy DLC evil?"

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