League of Legends gets more human-like bots

Though most League of Legends players jump into the game to play against friends or against human competition, even the most experienced users need some practice. And preferably, that practice would come in a non-competitive, non-venomous environment. While AI bots have normally helped in this area, they'd all-too-often behave like bots, which is something Riot has changed in a recent update.

"We surveyed both Coop-vs.-AI and PvP players to find out what they thought about bots," explained design analyst RoamingNumeral on the League of Legends website. "One very clear piece of feedback was a desire for more 'human' bots: ones that are less predictable and focus on the same game elements that players do, such as last hitting and nailing their combos. Surprisingly, 'tougher' bots was a less frequent response by comparison. Based on this data we set our sights on more-human bots as the overarching goal for this update, especially since such changes will make harder bots more interesting down the line."

The overhauled AI bots will measure damage input in order to assess threats and adjust their behaviors accordingly. However, they'll also behave like humans in that they can sometimes misjudge matchups and either rush in foolishly or bail on an easily-winnable clash.

The increased bot AI is a work in progress. RoamingNumeral acknowledges that certain player maneuvers, like jungling and wall jumping, are too sophisticated for bots at this time. However, the team is evaluating their options for future updates.