League of Legends locking character roster to help new players

Even as perhaps the most straightforward of Dote 'em ups, League of Legends throws an awful lot at new players to learn quickly. Part of the problem is the free-to-play game only offers a selection of characters to everyone for free and rotates this selection regularly, so just as someone's learning a champion, they shuffle out and newbies must start over. So, soon, new players will have a fixed lineup to choose from.

"We've introduced a stable roster of free champions for new players to play," developer Riot explained in the v4.1 patch notes. "These champions were picked because of how easy they can be learned and how enjoyable most new players find them."

Newbies will enjoy the stable roster for their "first few levels," Riot says, before switching to same regular rotation as everyone else once they're a bit more experienced. Though patch 4.1 is now live, this feature will be enabled "at a later date."

The patch also brought a hefty number of changes, including tweaking balance and making more items jungling-friendly, so do check the changelog if you like to LoL.