April Fools: League of Legends tests Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode

The best April Fools gags are the ones where you can still participate in. Take, for example, Google's collaboration with Pokemon. League of Legends is letting players preview a new "Ultra Rapid Fire" (URF) mode, supposedly coming as a major update for the next season. A preview will be playable for the next week, and lets players experience LoL if it were designed by internet trolls.

"The guiding principle of Ultra Rapid Fire is that players make plays, and making plays feels good," a new video explains. URF mode removes all ability costs, reduces cooldowns by 80%, and makes everyone move faster.

“These changes focus on punching up what we believe are the best experiences in League of Legends,” Riot says in their promo. "The future of League of Legends is Ultra Rapid Fire and the future is right now."