League of Legends boasts 27 million players daily

Riot's free-to-play Dote 'em up League of Legends is kind of a big deal, you've probably heard, and even bigger than we knew. The developer has released new figures revealing that 27 million players are LoLing ever day, and 67 million every month, boasting that this makes LoL "the most played video game in the world."

Riot's official site (via the Wall Street Journal) also details that it has 7.5 million concurrent players daily during peak hours. The game has more than doubled since October 2012, when Riot revealed LoL had 32 million players monthly, 12 million daily, and 3 million during peak hours.

For comparison, Dota 2, Valve's fancy free-to-play remake of the mod which also inspired LoL, tends to have a top concurrent playercount of about 600,000 on weekdays, pushing 650,000 on weekends. Riot may be cherrypicking special days for its stats, but LoL's clearly obscenely bigger.

LoL's big enough that professional players have been granted US visas as professional athletes, setting a precedent for pro gamers playing other games.