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Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod adding multiplayer

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 13, 2013 8:45am PST

"Breaker one niner, are there any smokies with ears on?" you ask. No reply. You try again, but still nothing. No Snowman. No Frog. No Bandit. Just you, playing Euro Truck Simulator 2. But wait! Horns blast from over the horizon. The roar of engines behind you. You guys, mult...


"So one person gets to be the truck driver and the other a truck stop hooker? I hope there's a ..."

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Avalanche-approved Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod releases December 16

By Ozzie Mejia, Dec 06, 2013 2:00pm PST

No need to worry about a cease and desist order, as Avalanche Studios has given its blessing to the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod, now set to release on December 16.


"That's great they gave them their blessing. I could name some other companies that would shut ..."

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Black Mesa coming to retail with updated Source engine

By Ozzie Mejia, Nov 20, 2013 12:00pm PST

The fan-made remake of Half-Life, Black Mesa, is coming to Steam as a retail release and will utilize an updated version of Valve's Source engine.


"Considering Valve basically fleshed out the entire game for them (level design, story, gameplay ..."

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Kerbal Space Program multiplayer mod released

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 30, 2013 8:15am PDT

Space can be a terrifying place, especially when one of your fellow astronauts beams like a fool no matter what's happening. Thankfully Kerbal Space Program managers can now lark about in space with their chums, as enterprising modders have whipped together multiplayer suppo...


"Incredible - this is the one thing this game has been missing for so long. At last!"

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Deadly Premonition PC resolutions unlocked by Dark Souls modder

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 30, 2013 6:00am PDT

Deadly Premonition will always be a bit wonky, but mostly in ways that are charming. So it was disappointing to discover when the game launched on PC yesterday that it's locked to a 720p resolution, like that other high-profile Japanese PC port, Dark Souls. Fortunately, just...


"Well based on the quality of recent Japanese ports, clearly they have already. LOL"

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Thief-like The Dark Mod now a free standalone

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 09, 2013 4:45pm PDT

If you're still grumbling and griping about the direction Eidos Montreal's Thief takes the classic stealth series in, or you simply fancy stealing things and knocking men out, give The Dark Mod a bash. Version 2.0 of the first-person sneaker inspired by Looking Glass's class...


"Well, this might seem a little self serving, seeing as I've helped with the mod for the last ..."

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SimCity mod plans looking restrictive

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 01, 2013 6:30am PDT

EA has planned all along to release mod tools for SimCity, and is now finally making that vague idea more concrete. Maxis has proposed basic guidelines for the type of mods it'll allow, and is polling the community for feedback. Surprise surprise, they're more restrictive yo...


"I feel like a better PR move for EA would be to let SimCity 5 sit as is, prevent it from ending ..."

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Project Reality mod going standalone in free sequel

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 23, 2013 11:15am PDT

After a long and happy life as mods for both Battlefield 2 and Arma 2, realistic tactical shooter Project Reality is going standalone. Project Reality 2 is to be a free multiplayer PC game built upon CryEngine 3, but the team's starting small with a focus on infantry combat.


"Battlefield 4 includes a new game mode called "Elimination", which has no respawns just like ..."

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Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta weekend starts Saturday

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 30, 2013 3:30pm PDT

It's been a month since the world last got to grappling hook around and play silly beggars with our chums, and that's far too long. Thankfully the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod is preparing for another open beta weekend, kicking off at 1am Pacific on Saturday morning. Handily...


"I think its pretty impressive to see this functionality modded in to Just Cause 2. I liked that ..."

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Left 4 Dead beta Francis model released for L4D2

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 19, 2013 3:30pm PDT

Remember how Left 4 Dead's characters looked long ago, before Valve snapped up creator Turtle Rock Studios? A rummage in Valve's archive has dug up the old models, and you can now play the early burly bearded incarnation of loveable biker Francis in Left 4 Dead 2. The other ...


""I hate Valve universe continuity theroies." -- Francis, Left 4 Dead 3."

- the archvile see all 3 comments

Skyrim's massive 'Falskaar' mod adds 26 new quests, built by 19-year-old

By Steve Watts, Jul 19, 2013 11:30am PDT

The new Falskaar mod for Skyrim is a massive piece of content comparable to an expansion, and it was all strung together by a 19-year-old hoping for a job at Bethesda.


"Wow! What a beautiful landscape in the video. They should hire that great talented kid."

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Sven Co-op becoming free standalone, gets HL engine access

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 17, 2013 6:30am PDT

We may have seen the final release of Half-Life co-op mod Sven Co-op last week, but oh, it's far from over. It's getting a free standalone release on Steam, and Valve has given the team engine access to tinker under the hood and add new features.


Sven Co-op final release adds Blue Shift campaign, 'major announcement' teased

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 01, 2013 6:00am PDT

After a grand fourteen years of development, splendid Half-Life mod Sven Co-op is wrapping up development. It's gone out with a bang, releasing on Friday a new version which adds co-op support for Gearbox's expansion Blue Shift. For old times' sake, gather a few friends, put...


"I find this news tonight while lanning with a buddy and he was talking about how blue shift was ..."

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Source mods get Oculus Rift, Linux, and Mac support in SDK update

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 27, 2013 6:00am PDT

Valve has opened up the current version of its Source engine to modders, bringing several shiny new features to play with. Chief among these are native support for the famed Oculus Rift cybergoggles, and the ability to create Mac and Linux versions of Source mods.


Retro City Rampage PC patch brings mod tools, fancier graphics

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 26, 2013 8:15am PDT

Open-world homage 'em up Retro City Rampage is now fancier than ever, thanks to a new patch. The PC edition now boasts support for creating mods, as well an optional graphics mode which adds a little modern flair including realtime soft shadows.