Skyrim's massive 'Falskaar' mod adds 26 new quests, built by 19-year-old

Although Bethesda may have moved on from Skyrim, fans are still creating impressive mods. One in particular, adds an entirely new landmass, 26 new quests consisting of 9 main quests and 17 sidequests, new items, two new spells, a new shout, a full soundtrack, and a voiced cast.

"Behind Falskaar" was the brainchild of modder Alexander J. Velicky, who spent the last year making it. He's also 19 years old.

According to a profile on PC Gamer, the mod represents part of his resume for a job at Bethesda. The project involved 100 people in total, contributing aspects like voices or the soundtrack, models or textures, and book-writers for the lore. But Velicky strung it all together himself.

"[My dad] was incredibly supportive and allowed me to live here, paying for living expenses and charging no rent," Velicky said . "I was able to not go to school and not have a day job. Meaning, more or less, that Falskaar was my day job." He said he wanted to "create content that meets the standards of [Bethesda's] incredible development team," in order to show that he wants a job.

You can download the mod here.