Deadly Premonition PC resolutions unlocked by Dark Souls modder

Deadly Premonition will always be a bit wonky, but mostly in ways that are charming. So it was disappointing to discover when the game launched on PC yesterday that it's locked to a 720p resolution, like that other high-profile Japanese PC port, Dark Souls. Fortunately, just like with the die 'em up, modder 'Durante' has released a little hack opening up higher resolutions.

Durante first got higher resolutions working only 1 hour and 19 minutes after he finished downloading the game, then fixed it up a little to release DPfix 0.1 alpha.

It's not quite perfect yet, as using the hack will see your the minimap in the wrong place and enemies' teleporting effects misplaced too, but hey, we can now run Deadly Premonition on PC in whichever resolution we jolly well please. And we shall, as we have all bought what is one of the most interesting games of the generation, haven't we?