Dark Souls PC hack enables higher resolutions

PC masochists were dismayed by news that the PC edition of Dark Souls would render at 1024x720 at 30fps, but a few predicted that the platform's wonderful modability would save the day. You clever little Nostradami, you. A hack enabling higher resolutions was released within hours of launch, and while there are a few bugs it does seem to mostly work.

NeoGAF user 'Durante' whipped together a DirectX interceptor to sit between Dark Souls and the DirectX 9 API, gently nudging it to render at a higher resolution. It's still a little blurry, especially with anti-aliasing turned on, but Durante is looking into this. Download the hack here.

Unconfirmed hearsay claims that attempts to boost the framerate cap went less well because, as expected, it's built around running at 30fps, so things move at hyperspeed if you tinker with that.

The canny hack certainly seems to work all right for most users, though it crashes for some and makes text messages blank for others. It may also somehow cause your monitor to explode and fill your face with shards of glass and as you roll drowning in your own blood all you'll hear is the wailing of the damned. There's surely some reason why From Software didn't enable custom resolutions, after all, no matter how inexperienced at PC dev it is. Use this at your own risk, in short.

Dark Souls was released for PC yesterday so this was mighty quick work, though Durante built the interceptor in advance. Once the game was out, it took him only 23 minutes to track down the appropriate part to hook into, then a few hours of testing before releasing the hack.