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Double Action mod alpha side-dives out

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 24, 2013 6:00am PDT

Double Action may have missed its crowdfunding goal to fund full-time development, but it continues in slow-motion. The John Woo-y HL2 mod, whose makers include folks behind Half-Life mod The Specialists, have dropped an alpha version which is naturally a bit barebones but h...


Saints Row mod tools coming from community collaboration with Volition

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 17, 2013 7:30am PDT

Given how bizarre Saints Row: The Third already is, mod tools could only result in the game becoming more sensible, more polite. Adding a selection of businesswear, perhaps, or speed cameras to keep you driving safely. We'll get to find out in a while, as developer Voliti...


"Where boats drive like boats and cars drive like boats on wheels. Nope."

- nephilem see all 58 comments

Strike Suit Zero mod tools released

By Alice O'Connor, May 21, 2013 6:00am PDT

Strike Suit Zero developer Born Ready Games today released the mod tools for its mecha space shooter, one of the promised stretch goals from its crowdfunding campaign. The XedMod tools are free to any who owns the game, and use the Steam Workshop for sharing. If you don't ow...


"it's a fun little shooter. I bought into the ks, so for $10 its definitely worth it."

- hirez see all 4 comments

Pripyat campaign released for Left 4 Dead 2

By Alice O'Connor, May 20, 2013 11:30am PDT

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is a jolly fascinating place but too expensive to visit and far too terrifying to tour virtually in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Thankfully, some kindly modders are treating us to a slightly friendlier whistlestop tour of Pripyat with Dniepr, a Lef...


"this looks awesome! What are some other great campaigns i should get?"

- senor135 see all 17 comments

The Witcher 2 mod tools released

By Alice O'Connor, May 13, 2013 6:00am PDT

We may have a long wait for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ahead of us, but at least we should get plenty to keep us busy until then. CD Projekt RED today launched The Witcher 2's promised modding tool set, the REDkit, so hopefully all sorts of wonders and oddities are coming and ...


"thats pretty cool. at some point i'll need to finish my second playthrough. thanks to their way ..."

- Hoax see all 2 comments

Duke Nukem Forever of E3 2001 reborn in Duke Nukem 3D mod

By Alice O'Connor, May 01, 2013 6:00am PDT

Oh, how glorious did Duke Nukem Forever look in 2001? My, how rubbish was it upon launching in 2011? The answer to both is "quite." But the dream we dreamed at E3 2001 never died, and now some fans have made it real-ish with a Duke Nukem 3D mod. Inspired by that trailer, the...


"Same! I was hoping that stuff would surface on the Internet at somepoint (or even be included as ..."

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Half-Life 2 mod Minerva re-released on Steam as Director's Cut

By John Keefer, Apr 30, 2013 4:20pm PDT

It's been about six years since the Minerva mod for Half-Life 2 was released, but after some cajoling from co-workers at Valve, developer Adam Foster has given it a new coat of paint and is releasing it on Steam as a Director's Cut.


"Enjoy! It's one of the best SP mods ever made for Half-Life 2."

- mn3m0n1c see all 6 comments

Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta test this weekend

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 19, 2013 6:00am PDT

Pack your parachute and grab your grappling gun, as the fantastic mod adding multiplayer to open-world chaos 'em up Just Cause 2 is holding another open beta test this weekend. Yes, you and dozens of other Rico Rodriguezs can be leaping, shooting, racing, flying, and stuntin...


"All still being worked on. There are random race events that start last time a played. It's ..."

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Torchlight 2 editor launched with Steam workshop support

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 02, 2013 6:45am PDT

Modders, start your engine! Runic yesterday launched the official Torchlight 2 editor 'GUTS', which it says lets people "modify almost everything" in the action-RPG, "from item and skill balance, to level layouts, animations, quests, and much more." Why, we can all learn mod...


"I care as well, really. I'm just annoyed. Trivia: who released the first mod ever for ..."

- Visceral Monkey see all 15 comments

Zombie Master 2 mod shambles out

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 18, 2013 7:00pm PDT

You try hurrying when your knees are splintered and tear rotten flesh with every step. After almost three years of development, Source mod Zombie Master 2 launched over the weekend. The follow-up drags the asymmetrical multiplayer RTS-FPS into the Orange Box version of Valve...


"hm, might try this. the first one was a piece of shit but in an endearing kind of way. ..."

- DrFlammable see all 5 comments

The Specialists mod team Kickstarting free 'spiritual successor'

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 12, 2013 1:30pm PDT

You, the grizzled PC gamer in the corner, you remember diving around with akimbo pistols in that Half-Life mod in The Good Old Days, don't you? No, not Action Half-Life. No, you big silly, not The Opera. You know, The Specialists! Some of the folks behind that side-diving, s...


"this is so invalid. This isin't the same TS mod team devs , not morfeo or others. It's the guy ..."

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Painkiller Hell & Damnation Mac and Linux editions following mod tools

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 07, 2013 6:45am PST

Few games receive mod tools nowadays, partly because they take time and money to make and support but also because mods often offer for free the sorts of things publishers try to sell as paid DLC. While Painkiller: Hell & Damnation offers a few pieces of DLC, it's also letti...


Brutal Doom v18 adds testicular kicks

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 18, 2013 6:00am PST

If you were the type to doodle Doom all over your schoolbooks, rejoice! Thanks to the mod Brutal Doom, id's shooter is now every bit as violent as your younger self's doodles. Every dismemberment; every curbstomping; every immolation; every Hell Knight being kicked square in...


"No I think the pantheon of mods has become the monomodism and she finds it a little... less ..."

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MechWarrior: Living Legends final version released as rights withdrawn

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 16, 2013 2:00pm PST

Three years after launching, stompy robot Crysis mod MechWarrior: Living Legends has released its very final version. The gang at Wandering Samurai Studios still have more they'd like to do but, alas, their license to use the MechWarrior property is up. So, download Living L...


"in further news, I never got a good handle on why I should care when MW:LL was around. "

- MamiyaOtaru see all 7 comments

Black Mesa: Uplink remakes Half-Life demo

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 18, 2012 6:00am PST

The Black Mesa mod is a remarkable accomplishment, remaking Half-Life in the Source engine, and now a mapper building upon their work has remade another slice of Valve history. Black Mesa: Uplink remakes HL's classic Uplink demo, which curiously for a demo was a new slice ba...


"Played it now... good lil' bite of Half Life. One thing FYI, it does seem to have an ..."

- Johnny Law see all 32 comments