Torchlight 2 editor launched with Steam workshop support

Modders, start your engine! Runic yesterday launched the official Torchlight 2 editor 'GUTS', which it says lets people "modify almost everything" in the action-RPG, "from item and skill balance, to level layouts, animations, quests, and much more." Why, we can all learn modding, but if you're not so inclined just lie back and wait for the sweet mods to roll in.

Industrious creators have been making mods for a while now using unofficial, unintuitive tools, but now it's all shiny and official and tied up nicely with a bow in GUTS. Runic has released a tool to convert existing mods to the new mod format too.

GUTS uses the Steam Workshop to upload and download mods. Handily, you can set it to automatically download mods from the Workshop when you try to join an online game running any.

Runic also dropped a hefty update yesterday, adding new Nether-Realm portals, more side-quests in the first two acts, and new unique and legendary items. Plus, more importantly, you can now befriend an alpaca, panda, stag or headcrab pet to accompany you on your adventures.

If you fancy making mods--and yes, even you can make one--check out Runic's GUTS wiki.

To celebrate the launch, Torchlight 2 is half-price on Steam until April 8. That's $9.99 for one copy or $29.99 for four.